Excavations at Kokkuthoduvai mass grave halted after exhuming 17 skeletal remains

The 9th day of excavation, conducted on September 15th, marked a significant development in the ongoing investigations at the Kokkuthoduvai mass grave, as the skeletal remains of 3 more victims were exhumed. Alongside this discovery, one more dog tag, belonging to former cadres of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), has been recovered and taken as evidence for further investigations.

In total, the skeletal remains of 17 victims have been exhumed from the mass grave over the course of 9 days since the excavations officially commenced on September 6th.

Speaking to the press following the latest excavation, the Mullaitivu Judicial Medical Officer, T. Vasudeva, revealed that the excavations will be paused until further notice. This is due to the lead archaeologist, Rajsomadeva of the Archaeological Department, having to attend to official engagements. Vasudeva further stated that the excavations are expected to resume around the third week of October, resuming the quest for answers hidden within this mysterious mass grave.